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Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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It's been a while since...
mini me + poo
Want 15 minutes of fame and can't think how? Why not do what's worked in the past again again, but not recently?

  1. Announce you've discovered that putting microphones in the ears of a model head produces a really lifelike 3D effect in the resulting recording. Discovered before electronics (the first person used tubes from the model head to his own ears!) and 'discovered' about once a decade ever since

  2. Do a shock horror programme based on being able to read PC screens remotely by receiving the radiated signals. Sticking a receiver outside a financial or government institution is good as a starting point. We're well overdue for this one to come around again - for some reason, people are still reluctant to pay piles of thousands for 'TEMPEST' shielding

  3. Base a pop career on Burundi beats, a pretty lead singer and very little else. See Adam & The Ants or Bow Wow Wow

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re number 1:
see Lou Reed in the mid 70s and Crowded House (or rather producer Mitchell Froom) in the early 90s - yup, it's time for binaural to make a comeback! Actually, someone needs to invent a 5.1 microphone ;)

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