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Weather forecast oddness
mini me + poo
At the moment, the BBC's 5 day forecast says thundery showers are the 'dominant' weather for London today.

But the 24 hour forecast has no mention of any.

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Erm, yes.

A 3MX currently, with a couple of spare Series 3A/Cs in case that one dies before I can find a better PDA.

So not a 5 or 5 mx.
Tell me about your experince (if you don't mind :) )

I nearly nearly bought a couple of 5MXs when Morgan had them for about £99 each. They went quickly, but I wasn't very disappointed. I've also been tempted by their recent Tapwave Zodiac offers (games capable Palms), but again...

Back around 1990 I had (someone else's) Psion Organiser II for a while. Nice idea, but not really useable.

When the Series 3A came out, someone offered a second-hand one for about half the price of new (they'd dropped it and it had a slight mark on the screen). I jumped at the chance and it turned out to be the best computing money I've ever spent.

It is "my brain".

The Series 3s are the only diary I have ever been able to keep. The machines themselves are small and light enough to take everywhere, and the batteries last over a month, none of this three hour crap with laptops. Similarly, they have keyboards, rather than having to learn a new alphabet.

It has my databases of books and CDs: if I'm shopping, I can see if I already have something. I can write stuff on it. It's a good speaker's notes system. It does the bank for games of 1829 with its spreadsheets. And more.

I like their robustness - it is staggeringly difficult to get one to crash. They Just Work, and they were doing that with 8086 era hardware.

I like their price, each of the subsequent ones (another 3A, a couple of 3Cs and the 3MX) has been ludicrously cheap - £30 to £50. I've sold a couple on to someone else for more than their replacement cost and one got snatched from me on a train.

any interest in a psion community?

They've changed the 5 day forecast now - it predicts no rain for ages.


Well, I'll be happy if it doesn't p!ss down today - it's Critical Mass this evening.

A look out the window suggests they may need to change it again - some of those clouds look awfully black.

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