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Where is a good place to host
mini me + poo
... a website that would be legal but unpopular with some people?

The commercial company that also hosted the UK's main safety site for escorts has pulled the plug, again. This time, it looks permanent.

It's clear to me that a) there needs to be one such site - splitting safety info over numerous feuding sites helps no-one except the rip-off merchants, the robbers and the rapists and b) safety info is too important to be left in the hands of those with sometimes competing commercial interests.

I would love to be proved wrong, but I suspect that any such site that did start up would be subject to various denial of service attacks from people with varying reasons for not wanting it to succeed.

Where would be a good place to host such a site? Somewhere inexpensive, but capable of keeping it up...

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(Deleted comment)
It's UK legal, but Americans have some silly laws around prostitution and I'm not convinced it wouldn't be seen as pandering or similar there.

The carrot to get people to use it would be the ability to use it as a free advertising space, for example.

Even without that aspect, I can see US hosts being nervous.

Yes the US have recently bought in some new laws about pornography and such like. Any picture on that was considered 'adult' had to be removed recently. It caused a lot of havoc on the bellydance tribes which had pitures of 1950s and 60s dancers in the album as a lot of them wore pasties rather than bras and so those photos were considered 'adult' and the communities were recatagorised and threatened with becoming closed unless they were removed.

I'd say go and talk to and see if they're interested. They're sufficiently small that they're normally able to be flexible about things that larger ISPs aren't. They won't be the cheapest, but also aren't the most expensive.

I'm pretty sure dreamhost is okay with adult content. In their terms and conditions they basically disclaim anything anyone uploads to their site.

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