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Before I sell it to cex this afternoon...
mini me + poo
I have an Nvidia 6800GS graphics card I don't want - one of these, in fact.

This is one of the 'sweet points' of the price vs speed equation: you can get faster cards, but you can pay twice as much for a 50% increase in speed or you can spend half as much and get a card that's only a third of the speed. If you have a SLI motherboard, two of these will outperform a single card costing more.

Anyone interested? will give me £83 to spend on other things for it (and then sell it for £125!)

Update: sold to CeX.

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(Deleted comment)
Hmm, £80, plus any cost of getting it to you?

If you're going to BU next week, you could pick it up there or I can post it.

Can you get back to me in the next hour? We're off to somewhere that has a CeX there...

(Deleted comment)
Oh, and it's 256Mb, as the cex listing, not 512mMb.

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