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Want to be able to watch to BBC programmes over the net?
mini me + poo
There's a BBC consultation out on idea of providing TV programmes over the internet. Some background info is here, but the most important bit is that the BBC's Trustees want to put unnecessary limits on it.

So you may wish to answer it... remembering that the only correct answer to question five is "absolutely crucial" :)

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Does it count if I've also just told TV licensing that I still don't have a television here?

Done, with extra added SUBTITLES DAMNIT as the BBC doesn't seem to consider them a priority on new services *Glares at BBC website*....

Quite - if they let you download mp4 xvid files with .srt subtitles, everyone except M$ would be happy.

Wellquite. The BBC's broadcasts for TV have good subtitles, easily the best out of the UK channels - although part of that is because Ch4 et al are shit and I don't watch ITV....

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