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I can't believe my flist isn't filled with people raving about Stardust
mini me + poo
Because I haven't left a cinema after a 'family adventure' film with such a happy grin since The Princess Bride and for much the same reasons.

Perhaps it's because the distributors made the mistake of opening the same week as Ratatouille? That's also very very good (JA and I both agree on what's the best bit too) but, honestly, Stardust is better.

Also on this week: Daddy Day Camp, currently rated on imdb as the second worst film ever! JA liked the trailer, but I suspect that has all the best bits.

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I'm not much of a movie reviewer... but I did love it, already loved it as a book.

I liked Stardust, but I don't usually post about things like that. I hadn't realised Ratatouille was already out! I want to see it.

I think I did post about Stardust but I'm sorry, I wasn't raving :).

I loved it, but saw it a while back, as weirdly it came out in oz much earlier. I didn't want to rub it in peoples faces!!!

I read Stardust and am always wary of film adaptations. I will probably go and see it at some point. Have you seen Mirrormask?

I will see it sometime but I am poor so it will probably be when it is released to DVD and I can borrow a copy. The trailer looks good though, y'know 'my thing.' But a rival for 'The Princess Bride.' :O

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