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Win98SE internet connection sharing geekery needed
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I've set up ICS before, but this time it's proving tough.

What should happen is the ICS wizard takes you through the process and you end up with (amongst other things) two TCP/IP entries in the network properties, one marked 'home' bound to the network adaptor and one marked 'shared' bound to the h/w used to connect to the net. ICS handles the connection between the two.

Now on the PC just to the left, what actually happens is that the two TCP/IP entries are set up but the latter one, bound in this case to a dial-up adapter, does not have the vitual 'shared' annotation.

And the ICS doesn't work. Even on the host PC, you can't successfully talk to the outside net. Try, and the modem will dial out and connect, but you can't actually send or recieve any data - pings don't work, for example.

Looking at the MS website, I've come across this Powerpoint presentation which takes people through it visually. Jump to slide 16ish and you'll see the dialogues that are meant to appear if you choose a dial-up internet connection and a 'high-speed' one in the wizard.

Interestingly, although in the numerous times I've installed, uninstalled and reinstalled ICS, the dial-up dialogue - where you pick which dial-up connection to use - has never appeared, even though it was told to use the dial-up to access the net.

I'm seriously wondering if this is a sign of what's wrong. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Dial-Up Networking, but it still won't give me this dialogue.

It has just occurred to me how silly this is, given that a new machine will be here soon and will be pressed into service as the net connection, but I want to get this working... Grrrrrr.

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Win98 ICS is rubbish. It's flakey and unreliable as hell, IME.

Stick Win2K Pro on the machine and use that; it Just Works™.

If you're truly desperate or determined, remove ALL networking components, reboot, rebuild the convention wired LAN, reboot, rebuild the Internet connection, reboot, then try again. That's the normal W98 matra.

But I've tried this on a previously-solid W98 box and it failed. I wouldn't waste my time on it, if I were you...

I have actually tried that. And I know it was silly to spend so much time on it, but in the struggle between humans and MS OSs, it's hard to give up the fight.

Yep, it's made my mind up: the 'new' PC is going to be Win2k.

Get with the times...use a better OS ;]

A few years ago I was in a basement with 5 computers on 24/7 in IRC and such and such...anyways I would dual and is there a word for 13 OS on one box? 13-boot multiple OS including every version on MS/multiple lin ux/fbsd...and I remember having the least uptime with 98

Also back then...I'm not saying to do illegal stuff (heaven forbid) but...I'm sure you could find any OS as download somewhere if you look enough...if money is tight(back then I couldn't afford all those MS ones) =D

What have you done so far??

I would say give us a bell next time you are in the office - but I am on a course this week...


Basically - Enable the Internet connection sharing...
The IP address of the "master" machines network card SHOULD be
(subnet mask of
Gateway - - if it requires it (detectable if you dial up to the net and it stops working)
DNS servers - you MIGHT have to manually assign for the NIC - obtain these from your ISP - if they wibble on about "auto assigning them" tell them you are some sort of Linux geek and your flaky OS wont auto detect the DNS servers. (works for me every time).
Make sure that it still dials up and works with the net after all that.

The 2nd machine - you don't HAVE to run that disc... As it usually causes more trouble than its worth.
Set the IP address of the 2nd machine to - subnet - gateway -
PING the other machine from the command line - make sure they can talk to each other. If they can't then you have a networking problem ( cables etc etc need checking - Link lights too ) -
For some reason 98 is positively flaky with cross over cables... Its wierd... Stick the connections through a hub / switch - and voila - it seems to make the difference.

Try pinging, or tracert'ing something from the command line like etc. And see what happens...
Usually if it gives the error - then its a DNS problem - and you will need to specify the DNS servers in the settings for the 2nd machine.

And then after all that - many reboots etc etc - it should work.
You might also need Netbios / Netbui installed (in the networking) btw... (as well as TCP/IP).
It's Microsofts "trying to beat netware" way of two machines talking to each other pre-TCP/IP.


I am presuming some knowledge that you know where to set TCP IP address' and stuff - and that you haven't done the above...

But what the heck - its the most typing I have done in a while- and wastes time while I watch Neighbours with my other eye :-P


Let me know how it goes


Interestingly, the PCs IP address was already - whoever set the network up four years ago picked the private 192.168.0.x subnet for it.

And of course, ICS doesn't like that. So it got changed to .13

Client machines have had to be allowed to keep their static IPs - to .10 (with a gap or two) - as if they were allowed to be assigned one, they were given 193.x.x.x and the local network wouldn't work. (Changing them to another address range would be a pain as there is no easy way to change the IP address of the network's printer.)

Why the ICS wizard thinks the Dial-up Networking is a network and not a DUN, ghod only knows unless it's related to the IP address issue, but that's what it's been doing all day.

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