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Theatre in the park last night - London Bubble's Gulliver's Travels.

Each summer LB do a show in about six South / SE London parks, from the almost wild woods (for London!) of Oxleas to the more laid out parks like Dulwich and Greenwich.

Unfortunately, I missed all of Lilliput because of a 'locking ourselves out of the car' incident.

At 39, I'm (finally) learning to drive. I drove L to the park, made a so-so job of parallel parking, turned off the engine and got out of the car to check. Hmm, OKish. L locks the driver's door from the inside, then locks the front passenger door. I take something out of a back door and lock that.

Er, where are the keys? Still in the ignition. Ooops.

I get blamed for locking the last door. I blame L for locking the two doors we agreed long ago should never never be locked without the keys in your hand. Tears. So I caught the bus back to L's and cycled back with the spare set.

Ah well. The play itself was 'quite good' and as ever wonderfully staged.

What I should be doing: getting ready to leave to pick something up for an interview tomorrow and for another driving lesson. Oh, and some washing up.

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