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Bi weekend - 1st-3rd Feb

OK, some people know about this already and I've been meaning to do more about it but any parent will tell you how it is with time and now it's urgent.

One of the most enjoyable bi events I've been to was after the Norwich BiCon (1992!) A weekend chilling and talking and playing games with people who'd been around the community for some years in someone's house.

And not least as in some ways, the UK bi community is in a bit of a mess at the moment, I'd like to repeat that. People - especially those still doing something in and for the community - went away feeling refreshed and happier about it.

So there's a youth hostel booked for the first weekend of February. It's in the nice bit of Milton Keynes - easy to get to from all over the UK. And with attractions like the real snow slope. It's in a 17th Century farmhouse in one of the old villages that had the rest plonked in between them. It sleeps 37 people.

It's a chance to have fun and talk about what you want to happen in the bi world.

And I need people to say 'yes, I will come'. Now.

The total cost of hiring is about £360 - just under £10 per head if full. Add some food and drink, say £10 each and it's still incredibly cheap.

At the moment, there are about ten people committed to coming. I want more. Not only will that reduce the per person cost, it'll make the weekend even better.

So, who wants to come?

Email me... as soon as possible: ian@cix.co.uk

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