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Reading directories that don't want to let you access them on NTFS disks

The clients managed to break the main WinXP Home PC used for their internet access again (the darlings kept installing assorted crap and the bootup procedure complained that the windows/system directory was corrupt and it wanted to go home...)

Even trying to use the hidden recovery partition didn't work (installation CDs? what are they?) this time, so a decision was taken to install Win2k on it as we do have a CD for that.

As the main partition didn't think it had been unmounted properly (it hadn't) this meant installing it on the hidden partition = a couple of minutes with PartitionMagic 7 to unhide it, and half an hour or so installing Win2k+SP4.

I'm now in a position where I can read most of the directories on the main partition and run the Win2k repair utils on it. But not the three directories I created on it before the problems and which have things I want to access on them.

I do not remember setting sharing restrictions on them, but it's not impossible that I did. I do have an account on Win2k that's the same username and password as the one that would have been used... and that can't access them either.

So, what should I try? Converting it to FAT32 isn't an option as PM7 thinks it still hasn't been properly unmounted.

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