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Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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In London 20th August and want to see Matrix Reloaded, for free, at the BFI Imax?
mini me + poo
You'll have to sit through an Adobe presentation, but they're usually quite fun.

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Just a little kid story.

When Katherine (now 15) was in Pre-K (4 years old), I picked her up from school one day and she said, "MOMMY, we're going on a field trip, and it's going to be SO great!" I asked, "Wow, where are you going, Katherine?" She responded, loudly, in front of many other parents, "To the CLIMAX!" Overhearing proper Christian types murmered politely with raised eyebrows, "Hmmmm, *I* may be available to escort for that one!"

Bugger, I've booked my flight down for Thursday already...

OK we registered to go but bluerose wants to know can we shout out "ADOBE IS CRAP!" ?

I've never been to the IMAX and he has been saying for ages I should go.

You could, but - with the rather large exception of the treatment of the person who published the fact that PDF security is crap - I don't think they are.

If it ran on Linux, I'd probably be able to ditch Windows.

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