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Well that was good...

... the first four men in the 100m within 0.01 sec of each other, including two Brits, two from the Commonwealth and no Americans.

And after such a delight-filled weekend too :)

Special praise for Anne, for the entertainments - the Ball will be the standard other BiCons are judged against for ages, despite being in a poor space for the sound. I know how long there was to organise it, and I'll be interested to see how much its budget was, but is there any doubt that we could do that more often, outside BiCon?

Special praise 2 for David - his work to keep the session info and signs up to date was the icing on the cake.

Special praise 3 for Marcus - someone who's life has been transformed with the help of the bi community, helping transforming the lives of others. Despite not letting people vote on Tubby Custard :)

Now, all I have to do is try to remember whose face matches which LJ user name...
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