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Finding Nemo
mini me + poo
The plan: to go to the new Sunday afternoon bi social thing at First Out. When that got moved to back to 5pm, I thought 'Ah ha, I can go to the Royal Academy in the afternoon, and walk up to First Out.'

What happened: I did the RA (I'm not sure I'd pay to see the current 'Andrew Lloyd Webber's collection' exhibition, but as a friend, it was well worth the trip to see it for free) and then thought 'hmm, there's time to go hunting for the new Fluke album' and went off and did so but without success. Transport problems then struck and, as I was outside a cinema, with Finding Nemo on...

The review: It's good. Parts of it are very very good. I loved the seagulls, for example, and the sharks were great too. Unfortunately, although JoJo loves looking at fish, it's probably a bit too scary for her at the moment.

Technically, it was mixed. There are some genuinely photo-realistic sections, with some excellent water effects, but they still can't do humans well. (Why do you think they've done toys and monsters for their other feature films?) The seagulls were oddly smooth too. And while many of the close ups of Sydney harbour were wonderful, the long shots screamed CGI.

(Looks for details of who did which section - the people who did the sharks also did another good bit and... ahhhh - the seagulls are meant to be modelled after the claymation in Wallace and Gromit, which is why they're oddly smooth.)

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I liked the male-female friendship between the two fish, especially since they didn't try to make it romantic at all, and when the Ellen voiced one said that being with him was like being home I thought that was really good. I also liked the idea about having to trust people/kids and let them take some risks, and the way they handled disability. Cool movie. Pixar rock for me mostly because they don't try to talk down to kids but include some level of complexity.

they didn't try to make it romantic at all

To such an extent that this didn't even occur to me! It'd be fascinating to see if this was always the case.

And now you've mentioned it :) I'm wondering if this was because they're different colours. Would some of the loonier Americans tolerate what they'd see as misgeneration in a family film?

Capalert don't notice that:

But they still don't green light it!

Seems unlikely, given that the romance in Monsters Inc (such as it was) was a mixed-race one. I think it's just that Pixar films don't tend to have a big romance episode - if you think about Toy Story II, for instance, there was no overt sexual/romantic element at all in the relationship between Woody and Jessie.

I suspect it's more that the filmmakers believe (probabaly correctly) that kids understand friendship better than romance/sexual attraction, and find the former easier to relate to. Both B and C certainly seem to react to kissing scenes in much the same way as the kid in The Princess Bride.

Did you get to the Bi Social at First out ? And if so

a. ) who else was there and

b. ) Why was it moved to 5pm ?


a) No, by the time the film had finished, transport was ok, but it was time to go home.

b) Dunno - I just got a call from Geoff on Saturday saying that "some people" wanted it moving back.

the new Sunday afternoon bi social thing at First Out

hmmmm, why do I have no recollection of hearing about this? did I miss something?

and is it happening again?

It was mooted at the 'what's going to happen in London' session at BiCon and semi-organised via email.

Yes. I think it's going to be the second Sunday of the month, to tie in (!) with SM Bi.

Cool. So, supposing I want to be kept up to date with reminders and/or "actually it isn't happening this month" type things, what should I subscribe to? Is anyone thinking of announcing it on UK-bi or anywhere on LJ, for instance?

K & I can't see seagulls now without going 'mine' 'mine' 'mine' 'mine' like idiots for about 5 minutes!

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