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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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HIV man guilty of infecting lovers
mini me + poo
A man diagnosed with HIV has been found guilty of "callously" infecting two women with the virus. ..

Father-of-three Dica, of Fleming Road, Mitcham, south-west London, had told police both women knew of his condition before they had sex.

But the court heard he persuaded one woman to have unprotected sex by claiming he had undergone a vasectomy and pursued the second victim, a mother of two, repeatedly telling her he loved her and wanted her to have his children.


"There can be no better example of grievous bodily harm than infecting with HIV. Once one is infected that is the end of the story. It may take a while for you to die, but die you inevitably do."

Leaving aside the message in the last paragraph - you really do not want to catch HIV, but if you do, your options are much greater than this suggests - I think this is really bad news that will lead to more infections, not fewer.

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Yep grim news

....but aren't we all responsible for our own safety ultimately where this is concerned. Unless persuassion really means coersion.


I have to agree with this comment.
Although anyone who can get talked into it must be pretty damned stupid, and thus up for natural selection anyway (?).

Although I think his behaviour is morally reprehensible, I'm not sure if this sort of legal action is appropriate and I am sure that politically the case is a rightwing backlash. Today's tabloids had headlines of "Asylum Seeker [condemns lovers to death or some such]"

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