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Amazon seller optimism gone mad
mini me + poo
Well, it's a good book, but this is what we call taking the piss, pricewise. Especially as the second edition is eight quid.

Slightest of updates: they want that for the companion volume too. I wonder how much they'd pay for a copy of both? Hmm..

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That's taking the piss! My copies of those came from Amazon for retail, IIRC. £8 or something.

That's taking the piss!

You know, that's exactly what I said :)

I've had a look at hir zshop and the prices of the thousands of books seem to vary from £75 to £95...

I hope they used a program to submit all the listings.

Actually, I hope they did it manually.

Thats not as bad as this example of over pricing.

And when you consider its still in print and can be bought brand new from amazon for £14.99.....

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