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Last night, I ordered some Smilies (urgh) from the Royal Mail. They're real stamps with picture you upload attached.

It was a bit of a struggle. It says it wants a 'jpg, less than 700k in size, portrait'. OK, play around with the photo, upload...

'Actually, we also want it to be no larger than 366 pixels wide by 474 high.' (And no smaller than some other measurement I forget and can't look up because royalmail.com is down at the moment.)

OK, resize photo. Because the user-supplied picture part looks square to me, rather than round, I make sure it's cropped to be 366 x not-much-bigger-than-366-but-bigger-than-the-minimum-height.

'Sorry, that's not portrait format...' Yes it is, but give up and give it 366x474.

The online 'this is how much you need to pay' is in dollars(!) but the confirmation email is in pounds. I'm tempted to complain about this one.

What's this to do with Welsh? Well, at the bottom of the first 'thank you for registering' email is this:

Royal Mail Group plc is registered in England and Wales. Registered number 4138203. Registered office: 148 Old Street London EC1V 9HQ.

Mae Royal Mail Group ccc wedi'i gofrestru yng Nghymru a Lloegr. Rhif cofrestredig: 4138203. Swyddfa gofrestredig: 148 Old Street, LLUNDAIN, EC1V 9HQ

Note the way they've 'Welshed' London, but in the order confirmation email they have...

Royal Mail is a trading name of Royal Mail Group plc. Registered number 4138203. Registered in England and Wales. Registered office at 148 Old Street London EC1V 9HQ.

Mae'r Post Brenhinol yn un o enwau masnachu Royal Mail Group ccc. Rhif cofrestredig 4138203. Cofrestrwyd yng Nghymru a Lloegr. Swyddfa gofrestredig yn 148 Old Street London EC1V 9HQ.

... with it in English! Consistency? Never heard of it...

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