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There was going to be a video dilemma last night: what to watch and what to record out of the porn programme on BBC2, the second half of Henry VIII on ITV and Gladiator on Five.

In the end, I watched and taped none of them, and I don't care.

I'd had a lovely day - went off to Harrow to sort out someone's computing problems in exchange for offloading some work I haven't done anything about for about a year and got back in time to go to Zippo's Circus with everyone else in the afternoon.

I was thinking of taking JoJo on Saturday, but she proceeded to fall asleep when it was time to go and slept solidly for two hours!

We all liked the circus. I was expecting just vicarious pleasure, but it was good. I particularly enjoyed the boxing on trampoline that opens the second half. Jo Anna liked the performing ducks best!

If anyone can remember what TV programme Ringmaster Norman Barratt was on in the 70s, I'd be grateful - he was the 'straight man' to some clown(s) I've forgotten. Liam was amazed I remembered him from that far back.

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