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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Concorde's just gone overhead, sniff
mini me + poo
For some reason, it had its undercarriage down, which it doesn't usually do - perhaps they're flying it as slowly as possible?

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There goes the second one...

... that I couldnt get out of the office on Wednesday to see it here in Manchester.

Still... I can at least say that I have been on one...

Sadly only as a toddler when it was in Manchester and my father was working on it (as an engineer)- and I cant remember a moment of it :-(

When they open the new museum extention out at Dulles Airport, there's supposed to be a Concorde in it-I'm going to go check it out then I think.

I have this image of people, years down the road, being at a museum, wandering through a passenger plane and thinking "wow, people really had to fly in one of these? That must have sucked compared to how we do it."

I thought on some of the TV footage that the undercarriage was down much earlier than I'd expect. Nice to have someone confirm that it wasn't just me misremembering what it ought to look like!

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