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Disclosure 2

Coo that was quick - a browser crash and when I come back, seven people had already done it.

It was prompted by the case of a man who's just been convicted in England of 'biological' Grevious Bodily Harm, after apparently infecting two women and the contrast between attitudes to this case and the situation for the UK's gay and bisexual men who are far more likely to come across (sorry!) someone who's HIV+.

The article that prompted the poll was published two years ago, and was in the newsletter of a London gay men's health project after a similar case in Scotland.

It followed a question that was asked in an annual survey of gay and bisexual men. It talked about men disclosing rather than 'people', sigh, but other than that it's the one in the previous post. Around 70% of respondents agreed... but what does it mean and how realistic are any of the expectations?

In short, I'd agree that those people who think it's the duty of people with HIV to disclose their status are those least likely to be disclosed to...

Individual messages, to be updated as needed:

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