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Travel plans for late July/early August 04
mini me + poo
I mentioned a couple of months ago that the next International BiCon is in Minnesota on August 5th-8th next year.

I have registered for it. It would be a bit silly to fly all the way there from the UK for the long weekend and come straight back, so I'm at the 'who else would I like to see / what else would I like to do' stage of pondering.

Hence the following poll :)

Poll #201923 US friends

If I were to visit your area...

You'd have to come and stay, or else!
I'm happy for you to stay for a day or so
Well, if you must, I could give you floorspace for a night
I'd rather not
You'd better stay out of my state!

Oh - update - you're not making a Commitment here and if you read this and are of the latter two opinions, I'd much rather you did the poll than have me wonder if you've seen it. I'm not going to be offended...

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I'm nowhere near Minnesota, but it might be fun anyway.

Delightful that Minnesota is, I don't intend spending all my time there, and you are on the easier to get to coast :)


I have no idea if I'll make it to Minnesota. It would be fun, but it's also likely outside my budget...sadly.

But if you want to come here and play, I'm all for it.

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