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Internet access auditing geekery request

The set up: six Win98SE PCs get their internet access via a Win2kPro PC running Internet Connection Sharing.

Our internet access policy says we could monitor what use is made of it. In practice at the moment we don't, beyond a quick weekly look at IE's history and cache. As I'm pretty sure that no-one's clued up enough to delete a subset of that (all of it disappearing would be very suspicious) I'm reasonably happy.

But the question of 'if we could, why don't we?' has come up. Resources, particularly in money, time and effort is my polite answer at the moment, but it has made me wonder about what could be done.

It needs to be extremely low cost - superwhizzo programs costing $1,000 are out.

And 'net nanny' or image filtering programs are also out - part of the job does involve looking at sites that'd get people in most workplaces in trouble. I've joked that if a page doesn't have an erect penis on, it should be against our policy as it's clearly not work-related...

One way to do it would be to run a proxy server on the Win2k PC, but it's running at quite high levels of resources use already (it's all ancient kit: this K6-III/400 is easily the fastest...)

Of the monitoring programs, >Canary has caught my eye, except that it doesn't run on Win2k, and I can see 'our access is being monitored, but not your access' being an issue. Even if I might appreciate it :)


Any other suggestions?

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