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Unnecessary remakes, #265

On the 'coming soon' board at the cinema last night, March 2004: Dawn of the Dead.

Oooh? A re-release of George Romero's 1978 classic? Perhaps even in a '25th anniversary edition'? No-one would be silly enough to attempt to remake it, surely??

Yep, they are.

With a script by someone who's main claim to fame is the story for the dire Scooby Doo live-action film.

What's the betting that the original's deep dark sense of humour, and serious points about consumerism and survival have gone? (Ah, looking at the trailer, zombies are now all singing, all dancing. Gargh.)

Oh well, the net means I can now see the couple of seconds of splatter the UK censors keep cutting, and say 'they're mad'. One exploding head towards the start of a film with long sequences dripping with splatter, including lots of other head hits (come on, these are zombies who can only be stopped by head wounds) was never going to damage anyone. I'd love to see the censor's notes for this one...

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