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So what were you in the cinema to see?

Master and Commander. It's really rather good.

In fact, so good that my brain's 'that's CGI, that's in a studio, that looks like a model, that's probably live' bit switched off to enjoy the ride. Which it never did for Crowe's Gladiator, for example.

And unlike Gladiator, there are only a couple of anachronistic moments, including probably the most ignorant question ever to be asked on a Royal Navy warship in the days of sail. But even that wasn't milked - there wasn't a long-winded explanation in answer to the question.

And my brain's 'plot point!!' bit was absolutely right when first shown a stick insect and when approaching a hill. But given what could have been done to it, like sticking a woman in disguise on board to provide some romantic involvement, for example, those were minor.

I was left hoping it would be the start of a series... which doesn't often happen.

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