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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Question for Jen
mini me + poo
Andrew Stunell 'won' the private members bill ballot last week - any idea what he's going to do?

Lembit Opik came twelfth, but that's probably a bit low to have a chance of succeeding in getting anything passed.

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Seems his interests are constitutional stuff, the environment, nukes and Third World Debt - he speaks for the Lib Dems on Energy and is Chief Whip, and is also on the HoC Modernisation Select Committee ...

Yeah, his site is about two months out of date.

The last Lib chief whip to 'win' the ballot was David "the rumours about him are false, he once had a girlfriend" Alton, who did something on his abortion obsession :(

Oh lawks, I remember. I also remember he was a vociferous supporter of Alan Beith's leadership bid against Paddy in 88. I'm very relieved he lost and left the Commons.

He is now in the Lords as a crossbench Christian Democrat. I have a feeling that his last election address in 1992 said he was a "Christian Democrat who would sit on the Liberal Democrat benches" or some such -- in any case he was quite semi-detached from the Lib Dems even then. Always voted the right was on things like s28 and the AOC.

He was always very good on race relations, but the transformation from the young radical MP who wanted to make public transport free to the holier-than-thou Norman StJohn Stevas clone was awful to watch.

Last time I spoke to him was Saturday and he'd had 350 requests already by email alone. Given his interests and portfolio I'd expect something fairly environmental -- energy portfolio and all that. If I was him, I'd prevaricate as long as possible to maximise the free lunches you get out of topping the PMB list.

Knowing him and his constituency manager, I don't think he'll do a David Alton.

Ha, yes, how to discover lots of new friends you never knew you had.

Some other LibDem had an energy conservation bill passed, but I couldn't say who or what effect it has had.

I feel a poll coming on...

Erm... Diana Maddock's warmer homes bill? It was about 1993, whoever it was.

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