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While I'm feeling rejected...

The BBC Today programme's new law poll closes at 12 noon today.

Not only did they not pick my sensible proposal, but there are none listed in the broad field it was in, even in the 'other suggestions made' section of the site.

I'd bet money someone took a decision to not have anything connected to the Royal Family included.

Anyway, of the five proposals, there are two popular ones (banning smoking at work places and having organ donations as an 'opt out' rather than an 'opt in' system), two less popular ones (stopping Prime Ministers serving more than two terms - which would need a whole raft of other constitutional changes - and stopping Xmas advertising/displays before 1st Dec) and one from the Daily Mail section of the R4 listenership ("A Bill to authorise homeowners to use any means to defend their home from intruders.")

So, if you want to see more postmen etc shot, go along to http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/today/vote/vote.shtml and vote for #5. It's currently running a strong second(!?!?)

Otherwise #1 & #3 are the two other contenders in this three horse race.

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