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One of the things I do too often is have a browse at people I'm commenting to's interests pages. Then changing mine when I go 'oh, yes'.

Two odd things: unless I'm missing something, the two most popular musician/band interests are Radiohead (don't do anything for me, but...) and Tori Amos. Now, I'll confess to having the first three Tori CDs. And some singles. And to have seen her live (London Paladium, about five or six years ago). But to be second?!? Perhaps it's the confessional style.

The other one is 'Real Dolls'. Now these are seriously expensive sex toys for men -- about $5,500+ each. So why are two or three of the six people with them as an interest female?

Actually, make that three odd things: bisexuality is the most popular 'sexual orientation' interest. Today LJ, tomorrow...?

What I should be doing: going to bed.

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