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Central heating engineers in London
mini me + poo
Anyone needed one recently? What did they cost? Any recommendations / horror stories?

Guess whose pump died this afternoon....

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British Gas is supposed to supply 24hour service not outrageous price... I know a great Valkera engineer, but that is all he works on, or another guy but works in my area, not sure where you are located?

ACE Heating Services:

Mobile: 07802 468 535
Office: 020 8427 3588

Pretty sure he would service your area, just did a website for him, not online yet but anyway have a go and good luck!

His name is Andy... he is one man company so not sure if that is better or not, good luck.

I use a guy called Mick Spry, on the recommendation of drpete. He's excellent. But he's based down here, around Morden. If you're still out near Rayner's Lane, I think it's too far away...

I spend much more time in Lewisham than I do there.

Ahh. Still a bit of a hike but may be worth asking. Want his details?

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