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mini me + poo
That has prompted me to see what sort of email I'm getting across several accounts... I currently get POPFile to chose between six 'buckets', with other filtering done by my email program (which sorts according to which email list, for example)

In the four months since I last reset the statistics, I've had slightly more than 20,000 emails.

Just 277 (1.37%) have been classified as "ok", that is mostly 'real people'.

4,647 (23.09%) were "mailing_list".

1,679 (8.34%) were Transport for London "travel" bulletins.

564 (2.80%) were "commercial", ads / newsletters from firms I'm ok with sending me email.

That leaves 11,177 (55.54%) and 1,778 (8.83%) which were "definitely" or "probably" spam.

Interestingly, the "ok" emails account for over 17% of the words that I've been emailed. So you might not email me as often as spammers, but you say more when you do :)

(Lots of spam is 'look at this graphic' and anyone sensible has automatic display of graphics turned off).


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