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Whatever happened to...

I was looking on imdb for some things I remember from long ago and would like to see again.

There's The Strange Case of the End of Civilization as We Know It, a one-off John Cleese TV special done in 1977, two years after Fawlty Towers. Everyone at school saw it. I don't remember it ever having been shown on UK TV again. In part, it's because some of the humour is 'dated' - let's say you could imagine Kilroy co-writing some of the jokes. Turns out it's on DVD in the US. Hmm.

Then there's Death Warmed Up, possibly the first splatter horror film to come from New Zealand. Fab and an undoubted influence on Peter Jackson's early (and more fun) career. Saw it at the London Film Festival that year. I don't think I've ever seen it on TV. Turns out it's on DVD here. Hmm.

Looking for it - all I could remember was the general year and the country of origin - I was browsing horror films when I saw an Italian rip-off ("We can make Zombie 2, but never Zombie 1...") film with a rating of 3.5. "Gosh, I thought, just how bad does a film have be to get that low a rating?"

I nearly fell over when I saw that the third one I was looking for, 1977 Canadian film Skip Tracer has a rating of... 3.5

My ghod! I'm another one who saw this one on TV in the 80s - BBC2 had Canadian movie seasons almost every year.

OK, the acting was ok rather than great and its low budget sometimes showed, but twenty years on, I can still remember how good the script was. If you were looking to remake a film, this would be one to go for. Not available on VHS or DVD anywhere. Disgraceful.

The writer/director went on to do... Friday the 13th, the TV series and other odd TV episodes.. What went wrong?
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