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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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In case you ever wondered...
mini me + poo
The Jehovahs Witnesses' positions on oral sex and masturbation complete with helpful highlighting.

They're against, but it's still worth a look to see just how and why.

One comment - "Less than 5 percent of nineteen-year-old boys, for example, are said not to experience [nocturnal emissions / 'wet dreams']" - has prompted a poll.

Poll #235874 Orgasms while asleep

Ever had one?

Yes, lots
Yes, a few times
Yes, once or twice
No, never

If you have, what about when you were 19?

Yep (or I had them before and after then)
No, I only had them before then
No, only afterwards
Ask me again when I am 19

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Men don't hold the corner market.. it's just as commom for us ladies too *wink*

Jeez, I'm 34 and have plenty of regular 'real' sex and I still have wet dreams. Sometimes the 'tank' is full and your mind and body get together to empty it out! I'd say 100% of boys/men have wet dreams ...

Jeez, the JWs are even more fucked-up than I knew - and that's saying a LOT!

Wet dreams? Almost never. Not for many years. Only happens if something prevents me executing what Neal Stephenson charmingly terms "manual overrides" regularly...

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