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Is zis beaumbe yurs?
mini me + poo
On the way to pick up JoJo last night, the District Line train I was on got into Victoria at 5:17. Hmm, the train from Victoria is at 5:19, and two minutes isn't enough time to get from the tube to the platform at the main station.

OK, stay on the train and get the 5:35 from Blackfriars (when using public transport in London, always have at least two options). It should get to Blackfriars by 5:30, and I can get from tube to platform there in a minute.

Tube train leaves Victoria. Stops at St James Park. Some people get off, others get on. Train leaves SJP. Stops at Westminster. People get off, including the man with no front teeth standing in front of me, and someone sitting beside me. Others get on.

"Is this your bag?"

Oh no, the person beside me had left her bag - something bland, size of a large handbag.

Poll #241699 Security alerts

What would you do

Claim it was yours, so you could have a rummage inside later
Claim it was yours, so you could hand it in at your destination
Pick it up, push through to the door and shout 'Oi! You left your bag!' and give it to someone (with luck, the right person)
Put it on the platform and say 'let's go'
Go 'oh ghod' and get off the train and out of the station quick
Run, screaming 'bomb! bomb!'
Follow the advice on the posters: push the emergency button and get the LU staff, knowing you'll miss your train
Ignore it, and hope everyone else does too

Of course, someone had to pick the 'push the emergency button' option, and so after five minutes faff, I got off this train and onto one going back to Victoria to minimise how late I'd be.

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I'd note which carriage I was in, and report it when I got off the train. If you do that, they can alert a station ahead and get a member of staff to pop onto the train and take a look at it when it arrives, without needing to delay the train unnecessarily. If I wasn't planning to get off the train for a while, and I had time, I'd get off at the next station, report it, and get back on another one. Never had to do this yet, but I have been on a train where a member of staff got on and examined a bag, presumably after such a report. I'd not reported it because it was obviously just a bag of trash - a carrier bag with a few bits of paper in it.

I've done that before, but alas, the decision about whether or not to press the emergency button is not made by a majority vote :/

i wish i lived in england, so that i could go on the "tube" and have a sexy accent, and be beautiful.
did you know that everyone who lives in england is beautiful?
cananda is boring.
i wish i lived in london.

Living here, I can assure you that not everyone is! Plus Canada is sometimes seen as the 'greener grass' on the other side of the fence.

There's some fabulous writing in your journal, even if it makes me go "ouch" for you when I read it.

thank you =) i really appriciate that, although, you shouldn't go "ouch" i have a great life...with some hardships. but we all do. i just deal with my problems with writing.
but thank you.

I've always wanted to push the emergency button :)

I know I've done it twice, but I can only remember the time I was still on a train that was going out of service when it closed its doors.

I do know that the signs on the DLR are lying when they say to alert someone, you need to lift a flap and push a button. It turns out that it's the lifting of the flap that does it, cough, blush.

I would push through to the door and shout 'Oi! You left your bag! and get them to come back for it before doing anything else.

I'm scared of bombs. Sometimes, they're real.

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