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Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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mini me + poo
... otherwise known as 'let's libel women', seems to have vanished already. Odd that.

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check out feminist_rage. we all emailed the hosts with tos violations and complaints.

Oh well done those responsible. It's a bit annoying they had to play the 'this one's fifteen = child porn' card though.

why is that annoying? whats annoying is that she was on there in the first place. posting pictures of a minor w/out her knowledge and detailing her sexual exploits is so beyond wrong.

I think it's annoying that someone had to go through all the entries to find something like that in order to get the hosts to pull the plug.

Rather than them going 'Ooops, sorry, this is appallingly offensive (and also exposes us to enormous libel damages!) Thanks for pointing it out, we'll pull the plug' the instant it was brought to their attention, for example...

(Oh, having written something about it, I found it interesting to compare and contrast some escort's feelings on the subject of reviews.)

well the 15 year old was in the top 10 so she was really easy to find. i know b/c i sent in one of those emails.

though i agree that its sucks that it takes such an extreme to get them to realize that it is wrong.

ha ha, hopefully they got blasted by a feminist version of the 'mydoom' virus, lol ;)

or alternatively, it's probably *not* a good idea to libel your ex online if she happens to be a lawyer!!!

That site did sound rather grim though!

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