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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Spalding Gray dies
mini me + poo
Poo. He vanished in January, and his body was found over the weekend.

I remember reading one of his books - a collection of his monologues - on a train journey from Coventry to London Euston, and looking up to see a field full of dandelions. My first thought was that this was tortoise heaven. It was that sort of thinking his writing used to inspire in me.

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I first encountered him when Swimming to Cambodia was shown on tv one night; one of those times where you can't be bothered to turn it off, and then end up transfixed. Strangely enough, I had no idea he was missing until I read an article about Garrison Keillor in the weekend Guardian which mentioned it. I always intended to read more of his writing.

Horrible news. I've read "Swimming to Cambodia" (also saw him do the monologue on TV) and read "Gray's Anatomy". He was somebody who could mull over his life and reveal it as infinitely interesting (confusing?), but never came across as just self-absorbed. After reading a short bio of his life on the web, I've realised how much bad stuff happened in his life as well.

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