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mini me + poo
Oh effing hell - BT has screwed up the Bisexual Helpline's call diversion system, so the helpline is currently 'down'.

First they tell me you can't have Smart Divert on a residential line, so I go through all the hassle of converting a line from a residential to a business line.

Then I discover that you can (what you can't have is some package we don't want bundling some other service we don't want with Smart Divert).

Then I get them to convert the line back - this breaks the direct debit I've set up, apparently - as this saves us about £40 per quarter.

But it worked in the end.

At least it worked on Saturday and now it don't work no more. I think they've either taken Smart Divert off the line or changed the pin code (despite being asked not to).


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They've admitted that Smart Divert has gone worng on us. Fixed by end of tomorrow, honest.

So while I managed to avoid the phoneline lose any shifts, they've lost us two.

This is revenge on us for taking off "Prompt Care" (which I didn't realise we were paying for - BT goes out of its way to conceal things like this in the bill) I just know it.

A small prize for anyone who can use the search facility on to find out just what Prompt Care is.

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