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Computer weirdness

IE6 on two of the PCs at work has decided to stop working with encrypted sites. Just won't connect to the hotmail login process, for example. Unfortunately, it seems this also shags Windows Update.

Fortunately, I like Mozilla Firefox - a much better browser than IE, so that's on them now.

But it's still odd. One's running Internet Connection Sharing for another PC, and IE on that one works ok.

And the end of a 'story' (ie a series of linked text boxes) in a PageMaker 7 document has started to only print nothing of one line, then most of the next, nothing, most, nothing...

It worked when I started to work on it, and it works if I print to Acrobat, so it's something between PageMaker and our main printer's printer driver. But even if I cut the text, put it into Notepad, cut it again (this time as absolutely plain text), and paste it into a new story, it still does it.

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