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Ah ha!
mini me + poo
Last year, the very lovely snagglepat entered about four designs into the competition to design a new logo for my work.

We liked one, but said, 'Please make it look 3D'.

So she did.

We thought about it some more, I played around with the colour, merged the result with my text-only entry and we pronounced ourselves happy. You can see the result on our website.

Then we hit a slight problemette. We needed a bigger version for use when printing, but she couldn't quite recreate how she did the 3D effect (the Photoshop bevel dialogue has a lot of options) and I couldn't quite get the colour right (it was done by doing something I couldn't remember the exact details of... twice!)

Sorting out the colour was easier - you can use Photoshop to nick the colour from one image and apply it to another.

But although we could get close to the bevel, we never quite got there. And while the result was ok, Gina's original was better and I'd never be able to forget that.

However this afternoon, after Quite A Bit of playing around, I finally cracked the bevel.


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let me know next time... I am photoshop...bevel queen... or if I can't have a know someone who has another 10years more experience them me. looks good.

...of course you will have a hell of a time getting cmyk print of that gold with all the highlights and you cannot just convert rgb -> cmyk and get accurate representation of colours, you will need pantone book.

It is actually all 'in gamut' and does print in CMYK :)

I once saw a book that had a section on colour management which had a special page showing some of the colours you can't do in CMYK... printed in CMYK!

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