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It's been a while since I've had the chance to read a non-fiction book aimed at adults rather than toddlers, but finding a copy of a Christopher Priest I hadn't got - The Separation - in a charity shop on Saturday means I'm busily getting through one now.

Unfortunately for his fame, he's been pigeon-holed as a SF writer. One of his earlier books is one of the two I'd most like to make into a film or TV mini-series, and it's amazing that no-one else has done so.

Anyway, this one involves, in part, an alternative history of World War Two. The previous owner didn't quite get this - when the book mentions the war ending in May 1941, as far as the British are concerned anyway, there's a pencilled note: "Wasn't it 1945?"

(I note with more of today's amusement that you can pre-order "Untitled Priest 2 of 2" by Christopher Priest" in hardcover from Amazon, not least as there's no sign of '1 of 2'! Publication date... June 1, 2005)

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