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I'm almost tempted to give them some money for some English lessons

You're probably familiar with 'Hello, it's your bank, honest, look we've got all the right logos and everything. Anyway, please give us all your details at plausible-address.co.uk@nastyaddress-concealed-by-having-it-in-hex.somewhere' fraud spam.

Here's today's:

Hello dear client Barclays Bank.
Today our system of safety at night has been cracked!!!
It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!
We ask you, in order to prevent problems, to repeat
registration of your data. Make it very quickly!
Administration Barclays Bank.

Plain html, no graphics. Plus the way they've done the URL means it doesn't work (in my non-MS email program, anyway).

It seems to be connected to these geniuses at adver-line.com

Perspective work in United Kingdom for all comers to have good money!
Our company requires employees able to receive our clients' remittances in United Kingdom. For doing it you should open an account at one of the following banks: Barclays, Halifax, Natwest, Lloyds and inform us the account data.
After that our clients make remittances to your account. You get the money and send them by Western Union to our company
(you'll be informed of the account data after the transmission)
What's your profit?
You will get 10% commission from each remittance. Since all remittances will be about $5000, your profit will be up to $500

Yep, I'm convinced...
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