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There's never a Norse deity when you want one

The BBC's weather website has been crap recently. It's supposed to be heavy rain / showers here at the moment. Instead, it's been sunny all morning and there's no sign of any change. Much the same happened on a couple of days last week.

There used to be a fabulous Icelandic weather site that covered not only their country, but the North Atlantic and the whole of NW Europe as part of their service to their fishing fleet.

The detailed animated maps would tell you what was happening over the next couple of days, and give you a chance to go, 'Hmm, if that front is delayed, it'll be fine' or 'Ah, an anti-cyclone, that's unlikely to shift for a couple of days'. It'd also say things like '30% chance of rain', so you could judge if it was worth taking a chance.

It was called Freyr, for reasons at least some of you will know.

And it's gone. I can't find any trace it ever existed.

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