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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Shockheaded Peter tomorrow night
mini me + poo
Last performance this run (last ever?), front row of the circle - one spare place, anyone interested?

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i would seriously consider, except I can't guarantee I'd be better by then. : (

You could let me know by 6-ish tomorrow evening - it's sold out, so they'll be a returns queue to tout it to if you can't make it.

a-musing-amazon says she will have it if trish does not want it

Trish is probably going to be tucked up in bed for the forseeable

Just to confirm that I would like to go - wuluf had promised to take me, but what with all the uncertainty about when we would actually move we didn't know if we would be in London, and when we had got ourselves sorted SHP had sold out :(.

Looking forward to seeing you later...

hope it was great, sad I missed it...*sigh*

Wish I had seen this earlier. It's Struvel Peter? From a book of drawings and stories by a German Author about naughty children?

Yep, Augustus won't eat his soup and dies of starvation; Harriet plays with matches and is burnt to death ("we told her so"); Conrad sucks his thumbs and dies when the tailor cuts them off etc etc.

Fourteen deaths in all, utterly fabulous show.

Wilhelm Busch. I had the book, I think an old one. Not sure if I still have it. Johnny head in the air was one too. He didn't look where he was going and fell in the swimming pool and drowned. I had them read to me, in German, as a child. I found them scary.

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