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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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"I am required by law to tell you that..."
mini me + poo
Not me, but this charmer.

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well yes.. but it's obviously a troll.

But no doubt, some girl will take it up.

I remain optimistic that the vast majority of people are sensible enough not to do that, but then again I've never seriously considered taking up some of the dodgier offers I've received over the net..

Lovely icon, by the way :)

Thanks :)
It's stolen from Penny-arcade.com, in which someone is evil and they flip off a box of kittens.

ahhh... now I remember the strip. No one nice would ever flip off a box of kittens

So, my icon is a picture of kittens, flipped.

found it. There's probably a fourth hidden panel where the affronted kittens leap out of the box and savage Tycho to death for his crimes - either that, or wait till he's asleep and chew/throw up on something valuable.

"I find that if you crap in someone's slippers or favourite shoes, they'll get the message."
It's too late to be thinking of such things. For some reason, it came out in first person.

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