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And it's one, two, three, four, what are we fighting for?

US soldiers in Iraq must also be asking themselves 'who' and 'are they worth it' as well.

Brits will remember the fuss about UK soldiers not having the best equipment when the war in Iraq started. Well, US forces in Iraq now - over a year later - are asking for properly armoured personnel carriers ('Humvees' are an American APC), proper body armour, and, you know, guns, so they can shoot back if the convoy they are in is attacked.

What did Donald Rumsfeld, US Defence boss, say to the people being shot at and who see friends die? "I'm a survivor."

It'd be darkly amusing to stick him on an under-armoured Humvee, with poor body armour, in a dangerous spot, at the same time as the people justifying the US torture of captives are plonked in their place.

(Link from yendi.)

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