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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Government to go ahead with PPP for the Tube
mini me + poo
Place those bets on the next election having a Labour majority less than twenty, if not less than zero, now.

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Sorry, but I felt someone should say "Arse".


It's amazing. The only people who think PPP is even vaguely sensible are those with a vested interest in it: consultants, the private firms, and the Treasury. Abandoning it would be hugely popular in the South East.

As a sign of jumping the shark and the slug simultaneously, it's difficult to top.

actually I think it's more likely that their majority will only slip a little
but the turnout will be below 40%

Thing is, a lot of people outside of London (and who visit London infrequently) don't care so much about what happens with the Tube. I think what happens with Railtrack will be far more telling.

Ah, but most of the 'media' lives/works in London. Compare and contrast the coverage given to the South West Trains strikes on the lines into London Waterloo and the Arriva ones up t'north.

And Railtrack can be blamed, credibly, on the Tories.

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