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Livingstone re-elected as London Mayor, BNP candidate 6th beats Greens in 7th.
mini me + poo
He's beaten Norris by 36k votes, after second preferences.

1st Pref

Livingstone (Lab) 34.3%
Norris (Con) 30.5%
Hughes (LibDem)15.1%
Maloney (UK Indep) 6.9%
German (Respect Coalition) 3.8%
Leppert (BNP) 3.5%
Johnson (Green) 2.7%
other three 3.3%

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I have trouble believing the size of the BNP vote. It's a horrible thought for someone Jewish. I've always been told the holocaust could never have happened in the UK and assumed any BNP voters would number under 100, but if several thousand accross the UK support them I'm starting to imagine ways a large minority of evil people could get into power.

Your percent look a bit wrong, but the ordering agrees with what I see elsewhere. However its perhaps worth comparing the votes Darren got with those the Greens got in the London Assembly: looks to me like he's now attracting the same sort of personal vote as Tony Blair would.

Cut and pasted from the BBC results page.

You know Darren lives near us, don't you?

"Cut and pasted from the BBC results page."

The current figures on are different, but the 1st pref. percentages on that page obviously differ from the votes shown.

Assuming the votes are correct the percentages should have been Livingstone (LAB) 36.8%, Norris (CON) 29.1%, Hughes (LD) 15.3%, Maloney (IKIP) 6.21%, German (Respect) 3.31%, Leppert (BNP) 3.13%, Johnson (GREEN) 3.08%, 3 Others 3.11%.

Seemingly the BBC is not very numerate.

"You know Darren lives near us, don't you?"

No, I didn't.

nitoda has met him though - he was on an election GLBT panel that vampwillow was also on - and she came away unimpressed.

It's possible the set I quoted is %age of ballot papers, whereas yours is %age of valid ones.

Yep, Malpas Road. He uses Brockley station for his commute to work.

I was amused the first time when he made a big fuss about being out in the pink press, but didn't think to mention it in his election address.

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