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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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More oldie stuff
mini me + poo
I had another reminder last night about how old I am :)

When I rang Lisa on the way back from the pancakes at 9:45pm ish, she told me they'd had a power cut all evening. Liam was delighted - "like camping using torches, only with all your stuff!"

I thought of the power-cuts of the early 70s, the three day week etc, due to miners strikes...

I got there just before 11pm. Fortunately, it was only a small area affected - the light pollution off the low clouds meant there was no problem walking around. The lights came back at about 11:05.

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Hah! Do you remember the bread strikes? I have a very vivid memory of a school essay my brother wrote, which was set in the year 200, but the bakers were still on strike so everyone was eating cake.

No, but it wouldn't have affected us much as we bought bread from a small local baker... and my parents are old enough to remember how to keep suppliers of rare goods sweet.

I do remember when toilet rolls were in such short supply that people were banned from throwing them at football matches!

And one of the reasons I remember the power cuts is that one of the coal strikes meant that an op on my glass damaged finger was postponed. By the time the hospital had caught up, the good surgeon had retired. We didn't like the replacement - I'd have been one of his first cases - so I still can't move my left middle finger properly.

That's so sweet. My kids called last weekend to say we had no heat, and Ginny immediately said, "Oh, in my family, that would have been a 'Let's Play Little House On The Prairie' kind of weekend." A positive/optimistic outlook is often in such short supply in adults. Not with kids.

If you ever come to the U.S. (Houston)....stay with us!

BBC Radio serialised LHotP recently, and it's been a 'car tape' for us. I was quite surprised, having only seen (and loathed) the sickeningly sweet TV series.

Be careful what you wish for :) Thank you...

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