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Ah, Viking

Viking Direct are specialists in trying to charge different amounts for exactly the same thing. They normally do this via their catalogues (once they've got your address, get your own paper recycling bank ready!)

So the main catalogue will charge say £10 (plus an 'optional' insurance charge you can't opt out of, plus VAT) for an item, but August's sale catalogue - ok, one of August sale catalogues - will have the exactly same thing for say £7.50. The prefix of the item's code number determines the price. Order with the main catalogue's code and they'll take your money without telling you they'd have sold it to you cheaper.

But they've surpassed themselves today. Go to www.viking-direct.co.uk and click on the August special offers. You want some paper, so click on the stationery offers. The "Viking Premium Copier" paper ('yellow wrap') is good...

Ooh, order twenty 500 sheet reams and they'll throw in 24 cans of Diet Fizzy-stuff.

Oooh2, order thirty reams, and the price per ream is only £1.49 (plus...) I ordered thirty reams at this point, but you don't have to :)

Now... back to Home & Browse, Paper Supplies, Copier Paper, White Copier Paper, Viking Premium Copier Paper - 80gsm ie exactly the same place as the breadcrumb display for the sale version and...

... it's more expensive (£1.59 at the thirty ream point) plus no Diet Fizzy.

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