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It not a joke!!! It is the truth!!!

Giving people what they want: violence and sloppy eating

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Today's pro-hunting demo in Westminster
mini me + poo
Poll #350723 When I saw the pro-hunting demo being hit by the police

I thought...

Where were they during the miners' strike?
Or indeed any of the other 'way of life' struggles?
Perhaps they now know what it's like for the fox
Serves them right for disrupting my travel today
The police are defending those with power, yet again, against those with little
Maybe the demonstrators will become more radical and less reactionary
They're either exaggerating the effects of a ban or lying about being in it for the chase / ride / etc and not to kill something

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Fuck 'em. Fuck 'em all. It's nothing whatsoever to do with country ways of life; I was born in the country and spent my 1st 5-6y there, and since then, I've lived in places far more "rural" than anything Britain has to offer.

It's [a] a red herring being used for political purposes or [b] people who wish to retain the right to inflict extreme cruelty upon animals. Either way, fuck 'em.

When the really big protest was on in Hyde Park about 6y ago, so help me $DEITY, if I had a large antipersonnel weapon, I'd have thought it worth a protracted prison sentence to "sportingly" "hunt" as many of those scum as I could slaughter before the police got to me.

interesting to me that
a) they were led by Bryan Ferry's son Otis: good to see that the smoothie-groover Geordie-made-good has inculcated his offspring with such 'traditional country values' ;)
b) apparently an insider with a pass, either an MP, a staffer or a journo, let them in

c) they staged a 'dry run' earlier in the week - and no-one noticed!

Considering that they use 'shooting their own dogs' as an argument against the ban...what kind of people are these?

Yes, hunting is cruel, but I thought the police were brutal too, and know they have been in other situations. #1 daughter is often on anti-globalisation protests and lectures on how to make protective clothing.

Did anyone really get hit by the police, or is everyone going by that photo in Metro of the plod with his baton in the air?

I walked round Parliament Square just as they were starting to disperse. It wasn't the police throwing glass bottles and placards and yelling abuse at passers-by.

Not that this doesn't mean the police could also have been violent, but they certainly weren't the only ones. I don't know anyone who admits to having been one of the protestors.

Yep, the BBC were showing footage of some protesters trying to break through the barriers and being hit back with batons by police in normal uniforms.

Then footage of people chucking stuff at the police, then the police in riot gear, then them hitting more people.

The whole thing made my journey into work (from the day seat queue at the National) a pain, and the journey from work back to the theatre in the evening a pain.

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