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Hitch-hikers .mp3s
mini me + poo
Last week, someone on my main friends filter posted a link to someone else on LJ who was making available a good quality .mp3 of part one of the new series.

As part two was yesterday, I looked for the link again.

I thought it was Liam who posted it. Nope, or at least it's not there now. David? Nope.

Please own up :)

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ravenevermore was bemoaning the lack of a DVD release for this, on the grounds that as far as he was aware, they'd recorded it in 5:1 surround, and that would be best reproduced on a DVD system. ;-)

Is the new series already out on CD? wow! ;-)

Not yet - it's out late October. I'd have a copy on pre-order, except that's site keeps crashing on me.

(Deleted comment)
I am regularly amazed at people on my FL unexpectedly and inexplicably knowing other folks on my FL...

I wish the digital radio people would subtitle it - I ca just about follow it till special effects complete kill my ability to parse it.

Oh well, we're looking around for transcripts so we can read it and follow at the same time.


From what I could tell, and from what Conflux says, they're just reading direct from the book, so a copy of "life, the Universe, and Everything" would suffice.

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