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Seen on the news stand posters for the London Evening Standard today...
mini me + poo
I know they don't like to give away the story (hence 'Interest rate decision' rather than 'Interest rates up/down/stay the same'!) but...

Poll #359001 Good news on house prices at last

What do you think that means?

House prices are going up
House prices are going down
House prices are staying the same
People are stopping talking about house prices
Something else, see comment

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Whatever used to be happening isn't happening any more. Whatever that was.

And since whatever used to be happening was a fall, their "good news" must be a rise. Not good news from my point of view though.

I'd like to think it meant that House prices were becoming more affordable, but I don't trust the Standard to represent the average person (who may well not have a house yet), so don't really expect that to be the case.

Quite, it does rather depend on whether or not you own a house and how much you paid for it.

Unfortunately (?) when I went to buy an ES - for the weekly TV entertainment guide - the shop had sold out of the actual paper... so they just gave me the guide.

Well, no. It is "good news" if house prices are going down, unless that causes the whole economy to collapse. It may be "good news for house investors" if prices are going up, in the same way as it might be "good news for oil investors" if there's a war in Iraq.

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