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This is what happens when you doze off while listening to Today

Probably because they were doing a lot on the Queen doing the official opening of the new Scottish Parliament building, I had a dream...

I was at a BiCon in Edinburgh, at a session on politics in a room with very bad acoustics. It was also much too big, and the ten or so people in it were spread across its width, with someone chairing the discussion from behind a table.

I was near someone else on the left of the audience, and everyone else was on the right, near the windows (quite high up, with a view across the Forth). There were some movable partitions between the two groups.

The people we couldn't see very well were wittering on about the advantages of having a Scottish Parliament, but had zero to say about anything to do with bisexual(s|ity). I wanted to say something, waved, attracted the attention of the chair, and was next up to speak.

Then someone else butted in. This happened again. "If this happens again, I'll pour soup over your head," I told the chair. (Did I say there was an open tin of tomato soup and a tin of chopped tomatoes on his table?!)

It did, and I went up to carry out my threat. He'd emptied the tins somewhere, so I dripped the remaining soup over his (very nice) hair, and went over to the group on the right to say 'what about the workers bisexuals'.

I butted in this time, but the acoustics were so bad I had to shout and found myself losing my voice.

And then I woke up...

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